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Feedbacks ✍

Ricki B.


The course helped me on consolidating and reorganizing the basic knowledge I had about JavaScript and it was just what I was looking for.

It is made with details, starting from every single slide and nothing is ever left aside. He always explains the reason for that type of approach and programming logic for each specific context.

The course starts from understanding the theory behind to get to the practical application, creating a real project. It is a money tracking webapp, and it is a journey that starts from the basics and fundamental concepts up to the latest EcmaScript specifications, also using technologies that are absolutely new to me. It was nice and interesting to discover.

Everything is always saved through Git, thus learning to master this fundamental tool.

Happy and satisfied to have completed this path, and to have met Flavio, always available and ready to help solve any kind of problem.

Absolutely recommended!

A. Bressi


Course very well done and highly detailed!

His lessons are focused on explaining the differences between each implementation.

His method aims to teach you how to code and how to choose the best implementations by your own.

He is very prepared and so kind that he is always ready to help you and to repeat anything you haven't understood..

I absolutely suggest him as your teacher!

The most disastrous thing that you can ever learn is your first programming language.
(Alan Kay)