I'm Flavio, Lead Front End Developer @ Barcelona.
I have more than 7 years of coding experience and this platform has been created to offer you a guided path to become a Front End Developer. And if you are already a developer, I am here to help you on improving your skills.
I can help you to build a website or a blog tailored to your needs.
My goals are: performance, compatibility and accessibility.

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Flavio Colonna Romano


  • IoT

  • Gambling

  • Marketplace

  • Online Brochures

  • E-Voting



A blog is a place to express yourself.
If you need it, I can help you on creating a fast and a SEO improved platform.


Do you want to sell your own products or services? I will help you on this new adventure!
It can be a marketplace or your own online store and for sure it will be as you wish.


Impulse your developer career with the best advice to reach any goal you want. Are you stuck with something? Let's talk and I will give you the right path to improve your position.

My story

Six years ago I have got a degree in Computer Science at the University of Bolonia, Italy. A career that I chose a little by chance but which was my greatest fortune.

Day by day my interest about programming and technology became higher and I started focusing more on Front End development, thanks to an Erasmus I did in Denmark.

Just after getting the degree I started travelling. This is another thing I like to do. So, I started learning a lot of new things in my working experiences, first in London then in Barcelona, where I live right now since 4 years.

I love sharing my knowledge, talking with other people, knowing new cultures and I hope to make you love this world as much as I do.